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The aim of the Journal "The Science of Physical Culture" is to publish the scientific results obtained by the university's academic staff from the country and by other collaborators of the journal, to broaden the editorial relations with other institutions in the country and abroad, as well as to inform the university collective about the scientific news from different fields of research. The Journal will appear annual in two publications: end of June and end of December. The electronic version is hosted at

By publishing this journal, the State University of Physical Education and Sport intends to realize the following objectives:
- Reflecting the scientific activity results of specialists from the Republic of Moldova and abroad;
- Providing data supports to scientific researchers by publishing the results of the theoretical and experimental studies;
- Promoting the experience of implementing technologies and innovative research methods in scientific activity;
- Consolidating the academic community in order to form a scientific research structure and to propagate university scientific achievements;
- Analysis of the most current issues of higher education of physical culture, elaboration of reviews for manuals, didactic support and other specialized publications;
- Implementing the results of interdisciplinary and applicative research in the teaching process within the higher education institutions in the field.
Topics covered by the Journal "The Science of Physical Culture" include, but are not limited to the following fields:
- Strategies and development policies of physical culture and sport in the Republic of Moldova.
- Perfecting the system of training of specialists in the field of physical culture.
- Theory and methodology of physical education at different quotas of age.
- Theory and methodology of sports training.
- Kinesiotherapy and recreation.
- Socio-economic and psycho-pedagogical issues of physical culture and sport.
- Challenges, performance and trends in the field of physical culture and sport.
- Management of change, innovation and quality of physical culture and sport.
- Etc.

The journal is addressed to university academic staff, researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, sports federation representatives and those interested by the field of "Physical Education, Sport, Kinesiotherapy and Recreation".

The journal will publish theoretical research, conceptual and original empirical, high quality papers, of the academics, researchers and practitioners in the field.