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Editor-in-chief: Manolachi Iurie
Telephone number: +373 22 31 12 41
The Publishing House of the State University of Physical Education and Sport was founded by the SUPES Senate Decision from June 4, 2009. Within it, carrying aut their activities: Iurie Manolachi, editor-in-chief; Aliona Luca, editor; Ecaterina Lungu, proofreader-editor; Cristina Movileanu, designer.
The main objectives of this subdivision of the university are:
- publication of the journal ,,The Science of Physical Culture";
- publication of some representative papers of teaching staff and university students, as well as other authors working within this institution;
- reediting publications on the principle of continuous improvement, both on the basis of suggestions made by reviewers, as well as editorial observations or revisions made by the author;
- quality assurance of content and form.
The activity of publishing house' employees is oriented in two directions:
- selection, proposal and preparation for the appearance of papers (books, publications, merchandising);
- printing and multiplying materials.
This subdivision provides publishing and printing of university courses, monographs, textbooks, treatises, books, laboratory guidance, project guidance, dictionaries, brochures, scientific and cultural journals in Romanian or foreign languages.
The publishing house is equipped with modern equipment for typing and multiplication. All editorial appearances are executed in the multiplication workshop of the university's publishing house, being broadcast through the publishing house' bookstore.
Within the Publishing House there is also a Printing House, whose activity consists in the printing of teaching and scientific papers (university courses, journals, etc.) in the interest of the educational process and scientific research, as well as other printed matter.