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The Theoretical-scientific journal "The Science of Physical Culture" was founded in 2005 and is published biannually by the State University of Physical Education and Sports, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.
The journal "The Science of Physical Culture" conceived as a scientific publication, reflects the results obtained accordingly of an appropriate climate to effective collaboration between the research and the teaching process in the field of physical culture. The topic of works aim professional training, sports training theory, physical education, recreation physical culture and recovery.
The articles are published in Romanian, Russian and English in the journal "The Science of Physical Culture", respecting international publishing conventions. All articles are carefully evaluated and submitted to scientific and literary editing, carried out by a competent editorial board, with extensive experience in the field. The authors of the works have a high national reputation, many of them publishing together with prestigious scholars from abroad.
The journal is indexed in national and international databases.
The journal "The Science of Physical Culture" has an open access. This means that the materials published in the review are accessible and free to readers.
Free access means that readers are allowed to download, quote and distribute, in compliance with copyright - with the mention of sources and authors in the case of citations, without the approval of the editorial board and authors.
The articles in the journal are archived and indexed by the National Bibliometric Instrument. According to the Decision of the Governing Board of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research (No. 17 of December 22, 2021), the journal "Science of Physical Culture" was included in the list of type B scientific publications, speciality Education Sciences.

ISSN: 1857-4114

eISSN: 2537-6438