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1. The scientific papers presented to the Editorial Board of the Journal ,,The Science of Physical Culture" published by the State University of Physical Education and Sport are first examined by the Specialized Scientific Board in order to decide whether a particular article / research / paper is appropriate to the thematic field of the journal; if it corresponds, then the papers are sent to the reviewers for approval, respectively, to the experts in the field with whom the Journal has concluded agreements in this respect.
2. For a paper to be published, it must have a well-grounded approval of the reviewers, which is then taken into consideration and further advised by the Specialized Scientific Board and approved by the editor-in chief.
3. If the first review is ,,negative", the well-grounded rejection is subject to examination by the Specialized Scientific Board, which may either approve rejection or send the work for a new review to another independent reviewer.
Once accepted, the work is submitted for scientific editing or proofreading.
4. Subsequently, the paper and review, either approval or rejection, is forwarded to the Specialized Scientific Board for their additional recommendations. Only after that the final decision of approval for the publication or rejection of a document is taken by the editor-in-chief.
5. Most papers require some modifications before they are published. If the paper is of this type, then it is presented to the author to check and submit it, at the request of the editor, taking into account the reviewer's recommendations.
The modified version, presented, is again sent to the reviewer, in order to consider the possibility of publishing the modified paper.
The final decision on the publication of the modified version of the paper or its submission for another review is the prerogative of the editorial board's office.
If the paper is rejected, the author (s) will receive a well-defined explanation from the Specialized Scientific Board in accordance with the final decision issued by the editor-in-chef.
6. The paper approved for publication is then submitted to be corrected and drafted.
Then the author (s) verify the review changes, copy and accept the work done, or correct the inaccuracies. However, essential changes by the author after editing and correction are not allowed